If only for a little while

Those who ever seek to see
will never bring their thoughts to be.

Those who always claim the highest peak
but never give their lives to seek,
will never live beyond the meek.

Those who always strain to hear
but never lend an open ear,
will disappear, unable to persevere.

Those who swim within a sea of dreams
but never bathe within reality’s streams,
will never feel the sunlight’s beams.

Those who will forever wait
and always fear a change of state,
will always bear eternal weight.

Those who always wear a thorny crown,
but never seek to break the frown,
will drown, in their own renown.

And those who always smile, never life beguile,
will be happy, if only for a little while.

* For The Thursday Poets Rally, Week 29.


23 thoughts on “If only for a little while

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  2. Those who always claim the highest peak
    but never give their lives to seek,
    will never live beyond the meek.

    love the lines…

    very admirable job in covering all layers of life perspectives..

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  4. Great use of repetition with the word “those.” Great movement within the poem. I love the point your poem is making as well.

  5. i like it most when sea of dreams and
    reality’s streams have a good balance in my life…too many reality streams kill me – and too many sea of dreams as well…
    cool to hear you’re taking pictures as well – i would love to start one day – but since then i take pics with my iPhone – you can do some pretty cool things with this as well..
    btw – i sent the e-mail to the correct address – maybe it ended up in you spamfilter…

    • Oh I know well the power and the majesty of the i-phone. And I am jealous! And yes, I have found your e-mail now by the way. It was indeed hidden away in my spam folder, though I don’t for the life of me know why google would mark it as spam. Wonderful piece, both before, in transition, and after! You’ve such talent, Claudia. 🙂

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