Finished at last!

“Man tames not vengeance; vengeance breaks the man.”

It is with these words that the fruit of my labors begin. Thirteen short stories led me to this point. Months of labor led me to this point. Long nights. Early mornings. Rushing to heel with pen and paper in hand, to scribble down a passing thought, a fleeting fancy. Inspiration and dedication have led me to at last announce the completion of my dearest creation to date: my novel.

“The Hollow March” has been my been my obsession. At long last, I have finished it. Laid down the final word, breathed in a sigh of relief and adoration, and leaned back to run my eyes down my work. Over 200,000 words, more than 350 pages strung end to end in our dear friend Microsoft Word (using friend loosely here of course). Backed up, filed away, stored and ready and waiting.

Tonight, and for the next few days, I may take a dramatic bow and vanish into the great beyond. For now, I feel a great need to celebrate, before the next stage begins. Editing is just around the corner, and it is all the longer. But the work is down, the words stretched end to end, and I am content, for the moment, to rest.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. May our rapidly descending Fall find you as well as it has found me!

9 thoughts on “Finished at last!

  1. Congratulations on the completion of the first stage! Go..celebrate!! 😀

    For a while though, I was hooked on the quote you have here, on vengeance. ‘Cuz only yesterday a friend and I were debating over the exact same topic… I was advocating the latter part of the phrase, and he was negating the first part! And finally, I gave up…considering what we were arguing about, and whose side he was on! The last thing I want is someone target me for their vengeance 🙂

    • Muaha–glad my quote could be so connected to recent conversation! But you are quite right–that’s the last thing any of us would want. Much prefer not having to keep looking over my shoulder.

      Thanks for the well-wishes! My celebrations were very enjoyable.

  2. “And anyone who has finished a book, whether the thing has been published or not, whether the thing is any good or not, is a colleague of ours.” —Kurt Vonnegut

    I’m sure yours is good. Congrats, Chris!

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