Photo by Chris Galford

The fire dips beneath the azure sea;

All eyes turn to their own hands.

No one spies the serpents slithering

From the long stretched shadows

Of a garden ripe with glistening fruit.

Demons whisper in the peoples’ ears—

The straw cast down,

The crows descend.

Fruit rots and garden fades—

Ravens circle high above

The corpses of the fools.

Old men stir within their ancient tombs—

The dream is dead,

Another Rome, decayed.

For The Thursday Poets Rally, Week 28.


65 thoughts on “Deception

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  3. (sigh)…sad but true!
    And we have too many such Romes in the making… no? The same decaying corpses, the same tombstones of old fools

    Wonderfully and boldly portrayed, Chris!!

    • All around us, my friend. The world is what we make of it, and what we build, they have their day, but so too do they rot, from within and without. Man never goes untouched from himself for long.

      Thank you Kavita! You are ever too kind.

    • So true. The facts lie right before it. Why can we not see them? Why do we not change what has already come before? Perhaps that is simply our course, our strand of fate…

      Thank you, Amanda–I will be sure never to be cowed by any sort of fear in my writing 🙂

  4. A connection sparked within me when I read your peom…

    the line , “All eyes turn to their own hands.” Felt like my initiation and threshold into this poem. I do not know if I feel sad when reading this poem…the feelings are too strong for words. I am just feeling and resonating with your words. Welcome to the Rally brother, and I dig your connection with the darker parts of your self and the world’s “self”

    • And you, Annie, have just paid to me the greatest of compliments I think a writer could ever ask for. That you felt my poem, and were moved by it, and took some part of it into yourself–it brings the greatest of smiles.

      Thank you, and it is an honor to be amongst the rest of you fine ralliers.

  5. You conveyed the message without stooping and involving in self-centeredness yourself.. Very elegant and resonating! I share your feelings, just honored to be part of this group of thinkers.. !!

    And thank you for your comments on my piece!!

    Good luck!

  6. I like how you draw out this every familiar adam and eve story line with the slithering snake and the fruit, then reinforce it with the constancy and repetition of that ‘fall.’ The line on looking at their own hands was powerful. It gave the impression of how the constancy of mistakes and falls are left unseen given our myopic perspective. This poem was short, but tight.

    • Ever we think to rise, and always we fall–an inevitability in our domains of desire and longing. We always look to ourselves, thinking to raise ourselves up above the rest, or to withdraw into ourselves to hide from what they’ve wrought–but all fall, for we are all bound by mankind’s mistakes.

      Thank you for your words, I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, for all its darkness!

    • Indeed. Society stagnates, the politics run through it all, an undercurrent of corruption only emphasized by the docility of the populace…oh listen to me ramble. Thank you, though – I’m glad you liked it Dustus!

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