Decaying in Orbit

We are drifting

You and I

I can see it in your eye

This sifting

Chasm lengthens

And the shadowed fens

Are growing.

That smile you once held for me

My smile

Is now a vacant stare

We look to one another

But there’s nothing there

Just silence

In the space

That once beheld our laughter.

Older, wiser


The child slithers from us

And so do we

These shadows lengthen

As we pull apart.

Still we look

Captive to memory

Unable to let go

But unable to remain

We are gripped and we are broken

And I am decaying in orbit

Around the very stars

That made my


16 thoughts on “Decaying in Orbit

  1. I think I can relate to the sentiment in the poem…
    Beautifully conveyed, Chris!! Really brilliant!!

    And the last 4 lines — W.O.W!! PERFECTION!! I might even quote them some place (with your name ofcourse)… That statement was a pure BEAUTY!

    • Awww, shucks, you’re too sweet Kavita. Quoting. Way to boost my ego! Haha. I am glad the poem spoke to you as it did, though, and that you feel so strongly about it. As for me–your kind words are ever appreciated!

  2. we are drifting…so sad when things fall apart – so slow and yet to be felt
    your words sound sad – as sad as it is when this happens – but as long as there is a sparkle of hope – i would choose to fight like a lion!

    • The song plays on, and tune saddens, but still we dance, round and round again…one must at least see the dance to its end.

      Thanks for the read and the comment, Claudia! I don’t doubt the lion within you.

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