The walls arise,

stacked atop a pile of numbers–

lettered maze

enfold the secrets of the world

between thy shifting corridors

of papered thoughts

and novel dreams.

Fight your life to be entombed

in shadowed corner fair

locked beneath the earth–

a cool, a dusted prisoner

handled only vacantly

by young eyes consumed

by deadlines foul.


10 thoughts on “Contained

  1. Just 2 days ago, I walked into the NY public library – downtown Manhattan – and I had had the quite similar feelings… how the books in there would be aching to be read!! And beyond the purposes of some crammy assignment! :)Only ofcourse, now I am done with school πŸ™‚ But yes, till last year, the library was my hermitage.. but somehow, it was never for the books lining up the shelves. I had my own books and study material… (sigh)
    I am thinking of rsuming my library sitouts! And this time, for the books in them! πŸ™‚

    This was a lovely read, Chris… very nice!!!

    • I have never been to NY, nor seen its books…sadness.

      Yes, though, so many just remain shelved and forgotten until some kid (or wave of kids) needs them for some crummy obscure assignment, and then it’s not as though they’re reading them for joy. Lucky that you are all done with the schooling…I’ve still got a semester to go.

      Resume the library sitouts! They shall be good for you! And others, of course, because you can find good books and tell us about them and make us all want to scurry off and read them ourselves πŸ˜›

      Thank you kindly, Kavita–glad you enjoyed!

  2. This beautiful piece certainly hit home with this scent-of-book-paper lovin’ girl! Very nicely written. I can easily get lost in a library or second hand book shop for days. Just give me a flash light and sleeping bag.

    Thanks for the kind and generous comment you left at my place today.

    • Ah, nothing like the smell of crisp, perfectly aged literature. Much better than attempting to smell your computer! Sleeping in a library would be nice…so many stories to keep your nights company.

      Thanks for the comment and the read! And you’re quite welcome πŸ™‚

  3. i could get lost in a library or book store and it may take days for you to find me…to maybe one day see one of my own there…that would be nice….smiles.

    • Books and friends, always a pleasant thought. I’m much the same way with my libraries…though in the MSU library, you very easily and honestly could get lost in some of those stacks…haha.

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