Upon the Precipice

Eyes open to the brink

I stand

Broken upon the edge

And though the sky is beating down

You are still above me

Always looking down.

Stretching for the dreams

Beyond your clouds

I burned within the strain

This arrogance has wrought,

And as the fire surged

I took it for desire

Obsession blinds

Focus the mind, focus the soul

Too late

All crumbling down,

The earth races

The sky screams

And I am tumbling through

This dear embrace

To something far more real.


5 thoughts on “Upon the Precipice

  1. Wooohooo !! This one just screamed out!!!
    The gush of emotions and burst of suppressed feelings was AWESOME!!
    It was a thrill to read this poem…

    When “it” takes over our senses, everything else fades…

    • Got to have it. Everything else is meaningless. Focus, focus, focus, driving you insane. Oh yes, “it” can be a most dangerous thing! But the emotion it brings to bear…insurmountable.

      Glad it spoke to you. It came to me as a sort of scream issuing up from my very veins, so…I think your scream comment was more than appropriate!

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