Set Me Free

Set me off into the Black

far beyond the stars

set me off into the Wild

far beyond the wilderness.

Set me free of mortal hearts

and weighted thoughts,

so low, so low,

and break these chains that

bind me to this coil—

what life,

what prison

now is this?

Press the suit and

straighten up that tie,

you are a man, it says

but you are just a boy

playing at a world of

mysterium and drama that has

devoided itself of plot.

There is a key

to thee and thine and mine,

and nestled just behind that door

is freedom yet incarnate.

In a breath, breathe—

so few have ever tasted

the freshness of the air—

recycled reconfigurations of reality—

that will be your paycheck please—

and this feeling is not falsified,

unbound, unguarded it yearns

for the taking—just breathe—

and feel the air,

feels, felt, feeling

this momentary being—

all I want is to breathe

and to feel, yet to be,

to stretch beyond perception

and feel the days beyond

that calendar—no shifts scheduled here.

No vacancy,

sincerest apologies

this mind is mine and yet

one waits beyond, yet yours—

this mirror of a soul you grasp

what a reflection is it not?

There is the dawning,

the rain is falling down

and through the swirl of purple haze,

these diamonds dribble through the

emerald leaves, like tiny lovers—

in your caress, this breath unbidden

slithers through my chest

and down into my roots—

I am born again, stretching

for the clouds.

Air, give me air,

Prayer and dream and reverie

are forever in the field—

give me space to work.

My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well– they’re a skilled bunch of poets, looking to form a community and support one another.  Enjoy!


32 thoughts on “Set Me Free

  1. “Set Me Free” evokes the creative sense. “recycled reconfigurations of reality— / that will be your paycheck please—” Amazing poem.

  2. Oh God! I think you voiced my thoughts, Chris!!! Rules, regulations, restrictions – sadly, these seem to have become the very principles of human existence! When man gets to use his mind, do his thing, be himself.. does he ever get to do all of this? Will he ever?
    “air, give me air” to me, says it all!!! Yes, it’s suffocating, these fumes of insanity, choking you every minute of your life! Sometimes makes me wonder which is the better world..
    Thanks to poetry, I think I’ve found my “better” world in this world too…

    I really loved your poem… and could relate to every bit of it (or so I think)

    • Thank you so much.

      Yes, as you say, these rules, regulations, restrictions–they seem to be an intricate part of society. Necessary for society and civilization to operate and exist, but what of the individual? What do they need? Ah, questions…

  3. Good heavens, Chris, you have expressed me to a tee. How did you know? You are so adept with your words; nothing here is superfluous. I especially related to this part:

    “Press the suit and

    straighten up that tie,

    you are a man, it says

    but you are just a boy

    playing at a world of

    mysterium and drama that has

    devoided itself of plot.”

    This just gets me right where I live, under my skin and me wanting to wriggle free. Brilliant. 🙂

    • Well thank you for reading and for the wonderful comment! Always good to know others can relate. We all are struggling for bits and pieces of freedom, in whatever way we can.

  4. Loved the theme of the poem and this fall into my head as I read it.

    Give me the road,
    and the stars for cover
    give me the sea ,
    and the moon for lover
    make it real
    and not a dream
    so I wake to freedom,
    clear of the dust of cities

    I do poetry for fun rather than publication so for this week only, I’ve nervously posted an example from each of my blogs: an Elegy from Scribbles and Diversions, a Gogyohka from Random Twitter Stories, and free verse poem from Random Short Stories.

    • Ah, and what a lovely little poem in turn! Thank you for that–always nice to have poetry met with other poetry.

      And I understand about the inspiration–all of mine tend to be for fun or spur of the moment as well, but I do always find it nice to reach out to a community of other writers. To see and to share and to grow. Definitely not about publication itself.

      Some wonderful bits you have there yourself. I particularly enjoyed your elegy, “No, shed no tears for I need them not.” Very surreal, and with it, powerful. “You had a river of affection, I had a drought.”–Darkly beautiful. Great story.

  5. I love the reference of man and boy…..the fine line between child and adult….and the quest for freedom…very nice piece..bkm

  6. give me space to work – read it a few times – not sure if i get it right – but if – then congrats on looking at it in such a poetic and unbowed and bold way – love your writing!

  7. Freedom is one of our most cherished ideals. Somehow, adulthood has a way of usurping it. The phrase “all I want is to breathe and to feel, yet to be” really sums it up for me. In fact, that line could have been in my poem this week.

    • One of the most cherished ideals, and yet one of those we all too often see falling by the wayside. And you are right, age really does seem to chip away at these freedoms, too–how much the mind changes, how much we are bound, the mind and the imagination, by such a simple thing as time…

      Thank you for visiting and for the comment!

  8. Ode to the rebellious spirit, break the yoke , break free break the chains that bind thee. Mankind has imposed a self imposed exile from Eden with rules and regulations, so true.

    Love this poem.


    • Thank you! Always a pleasure to have one work met with another. Well put. The red tape, this stifling maze of laws and orders, so noble in goal, so stifles.

      As they say, civilization is the life of us, and so inevitably will it be the death of us.

  9. Fantastic poem Chris, amazing lines and am so glad i stopped by. These words below resonate within me.. felt them so deeply.

    “There is a key

    to thee and thine and mine,

    and nestled just behind that door

    is freedom yet incarnate.”

    I came via Onestoppoetry.

    Wild Rose~

  10. been away for a week and am catching up with all the fantastic works shared at One Stop..and this most certainly was…just from the title i was drawn in..this poem worked so well..thanks for sharing Pete

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