Dead Mementos

Statistics say that Death

came on in great demand–

and all the reels roll on

into the grim decree–

such madness in the flames,

the ponderous flight of man and steel

bidden, but unbound

could never be contained

by evil deep as soul was black–

but paper burns in fires bright

and names reduced to numbers

are lost beneath the ashes.

Memory is sifting through the dust

for dignity forgotten

by madder men than we.

The Dogs of War

can never be forgotten–

but the blood of the fallen

may never yet be found.

Screams echo through the halls

of history befouled

for all the lives we lost

and all the identities

we never may regain.


One thought on “Dead Mementos

  1. Poignant!
    We keep saying “The dead and the gone”… but they are so… and everything them gone too! A very shudder-inducing thought!
    I mean, we all know it is that way.. and yet, when deliberation asks us to ponder over it, it does give us a chill!

    A very thought provoking poem.. a great tribute to the lost, the dead, the forgotten

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