Summer Reading

File these away under finished...

Between everything I’ve had going on this summer I would say that’s a respectable bit of reading to have done, lo these past couple months of warmth and sunlight, no? From vibrant and mystical fantasy to gritty, nihilistic dramas of the modern age, these books have carried me healthily through a good bit of summer.

Of course, it’s still not over. But I’m running out of my summer stack–just a couple more to go!

Currently reading “The Surrendered,” by Chang-rae Lee.

Fascinating read. It’s Lee’s fourth book, and this one takes place in the aftermath of the Korean War, following three characters specifically and how they are dealing with different aspects of that aftermath. You see the horrors of the war, as well as decisions made following it, and how those decisions have followed certain characters all the way into the 1980s. Not for the squeamish or the faint-hearted.

Yet as I work my way through this novel, I find myself wondering what might come next. Any of you have any suggestions of must-reads?

A month of summer lies yet ahead, and I am always looking for more reading material to greedily devour. Believe me, I’m easy–I read any and all types.


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Since you have done some heavy war material, Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini might be a light breeze.. Also 1000 Splendid Suns by the same author.. Kite Runner is a bit touching, but nicely written nonetheless.
    Have an entire list of BBC recommendations 🙂 Can send it over if you care..

    • I have actually already read Mr. Hosseini’s Kite Runner, and what a wonderful little read it was–have been meaning to have at 1000 Splendid Suns at some point here.

      If you’ve got an entire list, I would love to see them. Send them over! I can handle it.

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