Nasty Car

Just a quick little thing, in honor of perhaps one of the gaudiest bits of automobile I’ve ever seen driving down the road. Sorry there’s no picture. I was driving down the road myself, you see. I could but marvel at the hideousness:

This tie-dyed madness

less car, more insanity

burning brain cells bright.


4 thoughts on “Nasty Car

  1. LOL… I think I can empathize with you..
    Sometimes you gawk at things for their beauty, and sometimes, for their sheer UGHHHness!
    I am glad you didn’t bother with the picture.. and have shared only an opinion.. that way, we don’t have to bother with looking at the “thing” ourselves ;-).. and can manage with our (hopefully) slightly less ugly imagination of the automobile 🙂

    * less car, more insanity* indeed!
    I think your Haiku says it all!!!

    • Hmm, odd seeing people being thankful I *didn’t* post something–but I suppose I should be content that my words were enough to convey the sheer disgusting nature of said vehicle.

      UGHHHness indeed. My mind still reels from the encounter! Glad you understand my pain.

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