Bliss Amiss

What bitter bliss,

this thought amiss–

dreams as simple as a kiss–

but if I gave my heart to you

I’d have to know that you’d be true–

could not ever bear to woo

the heartbreak and the pain

I’ve in this madness before lain,

hoping without gain.

I could not be like him,

cannot make trust a whim–

if I know love, than it must brim.

And if you cannot see

the simple creature that is me

I beg of you to simply let me be.

4 thoughts on “Bliss Amiss

  1. That was such an amazing poem! And I totally could relate to it too!
    I tend to distrust relationships which demand change of personality! It’s quite crazy 🙂
    Loved the way you brought it out here!

    • Thank you as always for the compliments Kavita! I think it’s a topic we can all relate to, in one form or another–the simplicity and the complexity of relationships, and the emotion that comes with them. Lot of questions on my mind in the past few days, and this was born of that.

      Nothing’s ever easy…but at least it leaks into the creativity, no?

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