Restless Nightmares Break…

A significantly darker piece than what most of my recent work has been, just in time for the first One Shot Poetry Wednesday. Once you’ve had a look, check out One Shot Poetry, too–a bunch of great poets, looking to form a community and support one another.  Enjoy!

Restless nightmares break,

From wretched slumber do I wake

To a world of endless night—

Thunderous choirs make me crouch in fright.

High above us wraiths now soar,

Men clasp their ears to deafen their roar.

Over hills and shattered streets,

The bands come marching to woeful beats.

A hundred thousand voices cry,

Then all the singers die.


9 thoughts on “Restless Nightmares Break…

  1. hi Chris and thanks for joining taking part in One Shot..a great entry that really did makes the hairs stand!!! I was talking to my dad the other day who was a child during the war..can you imagine living through this for real..thanks Pete

  2. oh but i like it dark at times…put me in the thought process of one of the battles in LOTR…when all the orcs are bellowing…what a loud silence on the killing fields after the battle….thanks for linking up wth onestop and making our opening day a sucess. look forward to seeing more of your work…

  3. Oooohhh … Dark and …brrr… inviiiiting!!!
    Nights have a thing about them… and you have done perfect justice to everything associated with nights!!!! I loved this poem!

  4. Love you Chris – I was thinking LOTR too.

    Dark, foreboding draws the readers to his knees.

    thank you for posting with One Shot Wednesday – What a great day

  5. Haha…well it is about war, so I guess the LOTR reference fits. Nasty tricksy hobbitses.

    And to Pete, no. As many stories as my grandfather told me, and as many things as I can read or watch, i can still only imagine the horror of such times…

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!

  6. War will come someday
    Will we sing in glory
    Or scream in pain
    War will march
    East to West
    Dark souls
    I hope
    Will get to
    Join and fight
    Which side my
    Soul will he place
    Will I sing or scream
    In this war on the way

    • War is one of those unfortunate things always on the tip of the tongue, always just over the horizon…close your eyes, and you never know. It’s never as far as we like to think. Thank you for the wonderful poem, Ellis.

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