The Moment

FIFA eat your heart out:

Such fury in a moment!

There is a hush before the roar,

silent intakes, glowing hot

the eyes alight to see

the rush of bodies.

Tumultuous crash,

explodes in multitude of howls

as bones and blood are rent–

on, on, into the breach

spilling over fields of blood.

Dig in, draw back

the swing is in the air–

the crowd is nothing less than chaos,

buffeting the air

as hope and skill pours on into the mass

and presses to the


There is no rage so great

as this running of the bulls.


3 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. The start is catchy… the end is FANTASTIC!!!!
    And although I am not a great soccer fan (yea yea…that’s right), I can totally understand the feeling behind this poem … cuz that’s EXACTLY what the atmosphere is like, at home these days 🙂 (thanks to my husband and bro-in-law)
    Thanks for this electric poem!!!

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