Blackest Blood

Black blood breathe

beneath the rocky deep

burn bright and high

waves broil, frothing

into the flames of your passing

but the gold-toothed smile

burns brighter still.

Sizzle, sizzle, boil and bubble

worlds part before

the tremble of your passing–

send tremors to the core

of all the staunchest hearts

come hell or high water

There will be Blood.

Wounds fester

like blisters burst

your fevered pitch defies

the madness of their dreams–

the sky and the sea weep black tears

and all are consumed–

come Death or Life.


3 thoughts on “Blackest Blood

  1. A very powerful poem indeed! Speaks out for all that is lost in the dark spew…
    “but the gold-toothed smile
    burns brighter still.”
    Amazing lines…

    A loud message, that sure made its way thru’.. an excellent poem!
    Thanks Chris…

      • Oh yes… we need to be wary of its reach. Cuz it can take us places where we never wanted to go, without even us realizing it till after we have gotten there!
        Take care, and have a great day!

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