The Labyrinth

Commit unto me

the ability to See;

there is so much I wish to Learn,

no longer shall I simply yearn.

Commit unto me

the secrets of the endless ages

bound by the winding passages

of your shadowed mystery.

Let all be bared to me

as I commit unto your halls—

winding, coiling in a countless web

of one path, bound to a single center.

Take my eyes

and let the darkness grace,

eyes blind but arms outstretched,

with mind open to embrace.

Cast aside the clinging tatters

for immaterial metamorphosis

from the chains of that society

that barred me from your gates.

Lo! No more bound

I float into your grace

and rapture myself

upon your delicate caress.

Shut out the light,

stretch out existence;

the senseless path becomes

alighted by reality, purified.

In you the sky is my solace,

dancing and diving through clouds,

limitless in my exploration,

but grounded—finally connected.

Others jeer amidst

the fickle insecurity

bred into imprisoned forms—

bound body, mind, and soul.

No fear, march unhindered—

their rage is not for you;

still wrapped in grim conformity,

blinded minds bar ascension.

Noise topples as I touch the center

and everything falls away;

complete, I breathe at last—

Your corridors have set me free.


6 thoughts on “The Labyrinth

  1. I love it when I don’t feel confident about my interpretation of a poem, when it challenges me. Part of my wants to ask for an explanation but I know that’s not really fair! Ok, so I’ll be brave and tell you what I thought…even if I’m WAY off!
    I got the impression that this was full of sexual connotation and was about being connected through intimacy and the issues of conformity around sexuality. Hmm. Sorry if this is completely wrong.

    • Interesting. I personally had not thought of it in such a way–but I can see where you’re coming from as I take another look over it. Conformity is a key part of it, true–I had not envisioned it in the bonds of sexuality, but I can see how it would swing in such a way.

      Thank you for reading, and for the interpretation. It’s always nice to hear how other writers envision and interpret my work. I’m glad you enjoyed it–and never be afraid to share your opinion!

  2. wow what a description of the labyrinth of life

    sky really is solace when the walls are closing in

    nicely done my dear

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