Creation and Destruction

She smiled at Nothing

as Music stirred Creation;

Nothing smiled back

as Destruction stalked her wake;

Love stirred in the space between

their sinuous dance.

* To hear it: Creation and Destruction, by Chris Galford

28 thoughts on “Creation and Destruction

  1. And out of the chaos, both are found! Depth within these few words to keep the mind in play, allowing the reader (me) to enjoy what isn’t said almost as much as what it. And out of the ashes they will be born again.

  2. music stirred creation…it really does..and sometimes creation and destruction can be so close together…cool to see you at the pub chris…we should take a beer and talk a bit when it’s getting a bit more quiet…smiles

    • Most assuredly! Ever forward, into the dawning and the lines of majesty. Glad you liked the piece, Luke, and glad you’re still about as well. I know I’m not one to go quietly into that good night.

  3. Yes I saw it like a double helix – the dance of life – and the allusion too, to cummings “Anyone lived in a pretty how town, with up so floating many bells down”. Tight, compact and revealing. The work of a fine poet. Glad you came by to lift a glass today and join us at the pub. Thanks.

  4. Definitely a moebius effect going on, as Gay says, and the space in between is what defines the dance floor. Excellent and succinct piece, as always here at your place, Chris. So glad we’ll still be meeting across a poem.

  5. In the space between is where all the fun occurs, wondferful play on words with this one. Love oh she just smiled at nothing, then it became something.

  6. My mother used to always say to me, “Katherine, look the for the beauty in the spaces in between” When I read your poem, this came flooding back to the old memory banks. What lies between really does matter… this was short, sweet & deep. Loved it!

  7. So concise, so powerful, so full of meaning.

    Chris – thanks for all your work and time and commitment at OSP. We were all the beneficiaries.

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