Temporary Down-time, but Riddles too

The Den’s going to be a little quiet for a while.

For the long Memorial weekend I am heading out to Colorado, to see my brother and sister-in-law and to spend some time hiking through the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. I absolutely adore the Rockies, though I do hope I won’t encounter any of the hail Denver experienced a day or two ago (baseball-sized, in 90 degree weather–yikes!). With any luck, though, I should emerge from the trip with a wealth of new creative works at my disposal. Nothing inspires quite like a hike through the unexplored and unfamiliar, and where I am heading, there is always more to see.

So, my friends, until Thursday I bid you all adieu, but I leave you, in the meantime, with some riddles. If you have any guesses, please feel free to post them in the commentary and I will get back to you with the actual answers when I return. Until then:

It occurs once in every minute
Twice in every moment
Yet never in a hundred thousand years.

At night, I arrive

Neither fetched nor summoned;

By day I am lost

But never stolen.

There is not wind enough to twirl
That one red leaf, nearest of its clan,
Which dances as often as dance it can.


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