Asphyxiated blue—

Skin kisses the sun;

Waves smash and batter—

Ivory bursts

Enshroud and consume,

Tossing and toiling

Beneath the bubbling illuminations.

Helpless twisting

Gives to selfless thrashing;

Scorched sand rakes

Flesh ensnared, catches,

Body splayed in the midday sun,

Frigid, sopping—midst fire, twinkling.

Salty stagnance withdraws,

Raging, it heaved rejection,

And the torrent onward roared.


2 thoughts on “Asphyxiation

  1. For me the poem paints a vivid image of waves and a rocky shoreline…perhaps because I photographed such images and the poem triggers those memories…regardless…reallly identified with his poem.

    • Indeed. This one came to me while I was walking beside the lake shore one bright and early dawn, so I am glad the poem was able to invoke such images for you!

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