We’ve seen the mountains rise from hills…

We’ve seen the mountains rise from hills,

Watched forests bloom from flowers.

We’ve seen the waters rise and fall,

And seen so many setting suns—

Such sights that you could never know.

We walked the world

With loving family, all—

We wandered plains and forests both,

Loved by Mother Earth.

We’ve seen so many moons,

Bathed within so many starry seas—

Yet still it seems our time has come.

In dead of night you wretches came,

Blazing rifles in your hands.

You killed our prey,

You drove us away—

What did we ever do to you?

We fled in our confusion,

But from you there was no hiding.

You tracked us down and shot us dead—

All of my beloved family.

We’ll never see the Moon again,

Nor the freezing of the streams—

The Sun is but a fleeting dream,

The Wind a fading memory.

Where once our noble howls rang,

The land now fades to silence.

I am of race by far your elder—

A brother you betrayed.

Perhaps you will regret

Once we are all no more.

Perhaps a tear will fall

When those children look to you

And with their glittering eyes they ask,

“What is that thing you call a Wolf?”


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