Twitterature: Telling Stories In 140 Characters or Less

Chris G.:

The art of brevity; 140 characters to tell a whole story. Ms. Morgan assembled quite the catalog of stories here, including one of mine! Check it out.

Originally posted on Heathen Morgan:

This week, I asked my Twitter followers to tell me 140 character stories. I gave a few vague prompts (the moon because it was Blood Moon night, coffee because Twin Peaks is happening again), but mostly left them to roam amongst the spectres of their own madness. The result was a lot of fun.

‘Twitterature’ is the term for literary application of the social networking platform famous for its love of cats, catfish, weed and nachos. At the end I’ll briefly muse on why I think it’s useful and fun but first, let’s have a look at some contemporary works in the genre ;)

Some microstories have a clear ‘beginning, middle and end’, using a series of expanding actions or disclosures to build the scene as we go. Some evoke prose to do so, giving us a glimpse into a world that leaves us hungry for answers.

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The House beneath the Moon

The rumpled pleats of shapely ash,

wildness pruned by sunken barn—

a peak bends beneath the sun,

broken iron set to finger buoyant clouds

a gable, rumpled, heaving on the breeze it names—

they rise and fall, and breathe so deep

the grass stained patter of a river’s game

like her little feet in the old moon’s shade,

a hovering cloud, a brushing touch

of years, unearthed, with the shaking of the wind.